Buku Recap

Thousands of music festival attendees from all over the U.S. lined up outside the gates of Mardi Gras World in downtown New Orleans to celebrate one of the most anticipated dance music festivals of the year.

Buku Music and Arts Festival was held in the New Orleans convention center on March 11th and 12th with over a 100 people performing in those days, making the two night festival one to remember.

“Buku was my first legit festival. I came in 2013, now it’s 2016,” said Brach Foster, a music festival lover from Texas. “Going back makes me happy beyond belief.” With Buku being located in the middle of the city, this festival really encompasses the ‘feel’ of New Orleans, and even the stages were named after locations inside of the convention center.

One stage, called the “Float Den”, turns in to the actual home of where the floats for the Mardi Gras parade are created; the festival lets the city help create the environment, making Buku so different from any other festival.

“I’m from Asheville and Buku was different from the East Coast because of the setting,” said Sean Wilber, a festival attendee who had traveled from North Carolina for Buku. “The atmosphere of the event felt very unique and creative. It was just a really special weekend!”

The artists also helped make Buku 2016 special. Some of the artist performing included rap stars Future and Fetty Wap, trance music legends Above and Beyond, a DJ named Griz who also plays the saxophone live, and the highly anticipated, Grammy-nominated Pretty Lights.

“I was most excited for Pretty Lights, without question. I can’t even begin to put my feelings in to words on how epic it all was,” said Wilber. “He’s still finding ways to keep pushing the bar higher and higher. We were all so lucky to be able to witness this all happen before our eyes.”

The only issue attendees seemed to have about the over all experiences was the city itself, and even then the complaints were minimal.

Some Buku festival-goers spoke about the rats scurrying through the streets at night, and others mentioned the smell on Bourbon Street, but over-all most people enjoyed their time in New Orleans.

“It smelled a bit, but the chaos that encompasses the city is what makes it so charming,” said Will Bird, another Buku attendee. “I would come back!”

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