Sonic Bloom is Quickly Approaching!

Summer has started, and June is right around the corner! With so many festivals going on, it was hard to choose which ones to attend!

Sonic Bloom, a Colorado camping festival, was just the right fit for TRM. With a lineup including Tipper, Bonobo, Michal Menert, SunSquabi, Eoto and Break Science, it wasn’t hard decide that Sonic Bloom 2016 is where we needed to be.

But there is much more that just a lineup that makes a festival special; factors like location and attendance play a big roll in creating the whole atmosphere of the fest. Denver, Colorado is the home Sonic Bloom, and as it makes its 11th annual return, Hummingbird Ranch has become the official grounds and everyone is getting excited.

“I love going to shows in Colorado,” said Will Bird, a festival goer. “I’ve been to a couple in Colorado and you can just tell it’s different from other places. It’s obviously colder, but the main thing is just the vibe. Everyone is so happy and chill.”

And that’s exactly the environment Sonic Bloom wants to create. This year, aside from the musical talents, they have brought in all types of professionals offering yoga classes, speakers and workshops, art instillation and performance art, and the newest addition to the festival: The Sonic Bloom Academy.

The Academy offers multiples classes for yoga, poi, hopping, etc. for the Movement series. On another side of the Academy is the Permaculture Action series, teaching whoever signs up for these courses ways to learn the design principles and process of permaculture, gain hands-on skills, relate to the earth symbiotically to create your food, shelter, water and energy, and get training in community building and action planning for a better world.

Sonic Bloom is more than just music. For a few days, the festival transforms the world into a earth-friendly, happy environment for strangers from all over the US to come together and celebrate life and happiness. Follow TRM as we join the Sonic Bloom family and start our journey to the Midwest.


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