Sonic Bloom Wasn’t One to Miss

If you weren’t at Sonic Bloom this year, then you missed out!

The local Colorado festival took place right outside of Pueblo on Hummingbird Ranch, and it gave the perfect atmosphere for the days ahead.

Sonic Bloom hosted musical acts like Eoto, Bonobo, Sun Squabi, Quixotic and headliner Tipper with Android Jones, plus hundreds more.

The festival wasn’t just limited to musical performances, though; it included an assortment of classes that were offered, like yoga, planting and growing, and healthy cooking.

Among the world famous artists who performed, the visual arts were just as grand, showcasing live paintings from many different artists from all over the United States.

“This festival has so much to offer,” said Nick Bacigalupo, an attendee who traveled from Maryland. “If I wasn’t listening to a set, I could go explore nature and just look at all the other things the festival had to offer, like the art and vending.”

The vending that was offered could be found all over the Sonic Bloom grounds this year from the hammock, Third Eye Pinecones and heady hood at the main stage, to the art and smoothies located at the smaller stages.

“I came with more than $200 to spend on food and souvenirs,” says Brett Wille, a local Colorado native who has made Sonic Bloom his home in June for the past few years. “Sonic Bloom always gets great vendors. I got a really cool hammock this year and I used it the whole festival.”

One of the neat things about Sonic Bloom is the nature that surrounds the ground. There are hills and trees, open land with pathways, and the secret treasure Sonic Bloom offers is a small creek where festival attendees can stay cool and lounge in hammocks and on rocks during the day while waiting for the festivities of the night.

The festival is also camping, so the grounds are filled with tents and RV’s and the amount of new friends to be made is endless.

Stay tuned for news about Sonic Bloom 2017!

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