Thank you, Mala Luna!

For years, we knew something was missing in San Antonio. Dallas had Lights All Night, El Paso had Sun City Music Festival, Houston was the home for Something Wicked and Austin put on Euphoria.

But San Antonio lacked their own, personal music festival. Well, now they have it.

Mala Luna is one of the first music festivals to be thrown in this under appreciated music mecca. Most turn to Austin, Dallas or Houston, but the Mala Luna Festival proved that San Antonio can host amazing artist, too. The festival drew over 30K attendees, which led to a sold out event.

I thought to myself, “what can draw a crowd so large for a usually overlooked market in San Antonio?” There was no better or more genius way to accomplish this by throwing the event at the beloved Lone Star Brewery.

Coupled with the Halloween holiday and a wonderfully executed weekend of fun, including Day of The Dead inspired face painting, free arcade games and a beautiful representation of street art being done live, they have put themselves on the map as a must see event.

Big names from every genre in the music industry performed at Mala Luna, such as, Steve Aoki, who showcased new music throughout his set and proved his notorious cake-throwing abilities and Travis Scott, who closed out night one, playing all of his massive hits, including “Antidote”.

Day two was filled with enough artist interaction to satisfy in festival goers heart– G-Eazy, Tory Lanez and iconic house producer, Kaskade, who closed out day two of the festival.

The real overlooked aspect of this event were the amazing local artists that performed during the day and the unique mix of attendees. With a mix of rap and hip-hop, there was no point where you were NOT blown away by the local, sheer talent. And seeing all the different types of people who came to the festival was a great example of how this music culture can bring all kinds of people together despite what is happening in the world outside of the festival ground

We can admit that this experience was not what we were expecting, but Mala Luna proved to be one of the most entertaining festivals in Texas. With the overly commercialized Austin City Limits and SXSW festivals, the Mala Luna Festival was a breath of very much needed fresh air.

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